Seminars / Conferences / Workshops Organized

Approved Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/Syposiums/ held in IIUI
Sr. No. Name of Focal Person Designation, Department & Faculty/Institute/Academy Title of Event with date Year HEC approved amount (PKR)
1 Dr. Muhammad Afzal Khan Professor, FET, IIUI. International Conference on Power Generation Systems 29.11.10 to 2.12.10 2010 767,500
2 Mr. Awais Ejaz Khan Assistant Professor, FMS, IIUI 3rd International Applied Business Research Conference 3RD IABRC 13-14.12.2010 2010 564,000
3 Prof.Dr. Zafar Ishaq Ansari Ex-Vice-President HS&R, IIUI. International Conference on Modern Trend in Sirah Writing (26th-28th March 2011) 2011 1,250,000
4 Prof. Dr. S. M. Bhutta Professor, FET, IIUI. Workshop on Energy Engineering (June 20-21,2011) 2011 80,000
5 Dr. Zaheer Abbas Assistant Professor, FMS, IIUI 4th IABRC International Conference on 28-29.11.2011) 2011 506,400
6 Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khalily Associate Prof./Chairman, Dept of Psychology, FSS, IIUI. Conference on Psychology Need of the Time on 10-11.02.2012 2012 793,000
7 Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khalily Associate Professor/Chairman, Dept of Psychology, FSS, IIUI. Violence Psychological Trauma and Possible Acute and Post-Traumatic interventions in General and Particularly in Pakistan Society March 29-30, 2012 2012 775,000
8 Dr. Muhammad Arshad Assistant Professor Dept. of Mathematics, FBAS, IIUI. Two Days Conference on Mathematical Sciences on 19-20.10.2012 2012 147,000
9 Dr. Zia-ul-Haq Professor, Faculty of Shariah and Law, IIUI International Conference "Fatwa as a Non State Legal System" on 14-15.09.2012 2012 1,002,500
10 Dr. Munawar Iqbal Gondal Dean, Facutly of Languages and Literature, IIUI The Literary Present and the Postcolonial Condition on 14-16.11.2012 2012 762,900
11 Dr. Inam-ul-Haq Ghazi Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arabic, IIUI International Conference on Problems of Quran’s Translation in the Sub-Continent on 29-30.04.2013 2013 1,121,500
12 Dr. Muhammad Arshad Zia Assistant Professor Dept. of Mathematics, FBAS, IIUI. Second Conference on Mathematical Sciences on 01-02.11.2013 2013 135,000
13 Engr. Muhammad Shuaib Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering & Technology. National Workshop on Advanced Electronics: Device Design & Process Characterization on 02-03.12.2013 2013 559,000
14 Dr. Muhammad Habib ur Rehman Asstt. Prof. Shari’ah Academy, IIUI The Role of Moderation in the Stability of Society on 21-23.01.2014 2014 995,000
15 Dr. Haroon-ur-Rashid Deputy Dean Faculty of Usuluddin, IIUI. National Conference on “Religious Education in Pakistan: 10-11.03.2014 2014 733,000
16 Dr. Muhammad Tahir Hakeem Dean,Faculty of Shariah & Law, IIUI. The Current Issues in Muslim Personal Laws between Shariah & States’ Legislations on 13-15.05.2014 2014 1,345,000
17 Mr. Abdur Rehman Saleh Assistant Professor, Dawah Academy, IIUI Rights for Mustafa (PBUH) and Its Implications on 7-8.4.2014 2014 820,000
18 Dr. Jabar Zaman Khan Khattak Assistant Professor FBAS, IIUI. 2nd National Conference on Computational Sciences on 20-25.10.2013 2013 863,500
19 Dr. Asmatullah Assistant Professor, IRI, IIUI Status of Quranic Studies in Pakistan 2014 657,000
20 Engr. Tila Muhammad Lab. Engineer, DEE, FET, IIUI. National Workshop on Power Electronics with Renewable Integration on 29-30.11.2014 2014 249,400
21 Dr. Saeed Badshah Associate Prof. DME, FET, IIUI 2nd International Conference on Power Generation Systems and Renewable Energy Technologies on 10-11.06.2015 2015 786,500
22 Dr. Samina Malik Professor, Dept of Education, FSS, IIUI International Conference on Innovation in Teaching and Learning (ICITL 2016) on April 25-26, 2016 at IIUI 2016 1,290,350
23 Sheikh Muhammad Ibrar Anver Assistant Professor, FMS, IIUI 5th International Applied Business Research Conference on May 17-18, 2016 at IIUI 2016 1,069,000
24 Dr. Muhammad Bashir Professor/Dean, Faculty of Arabic, IIUI Role of Islamic Universities in Teaching of Arabic to Non-native Speakers on June 2, 2016 at IIUI 2016 851,250
25 Dr. Sajjad Ahmed Ghauri Assistant Professor, DEE, FET, IIUI International Conference on Intelligent Systems Engineering (ICISE) on Jan.15-18, 2016 at IIUI 2016 1,079,900
Total in PKR 19,203,700