Journals & Research

What is a Journal
A journal has several related meanings:

  • diary: a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations
  • a periodical dedicated to a particular subject; "he reads the medical journals"
  • daybook: a ledger in which transactions have been recorded as they occurred
    a record book as a physical object
  • the part of the axle contained by a bearing
Criteria / Mechanism for Journals Discipline
1 Mechanism for Science Journal-2016
2 Mechanism for Social Science Journal-2016
List of HEC Recognized Journals
3 SOP for Recognition, Upgradation & Funding of Journals
4 Journal Previous Three Years Order
5 Extension in HEC Recognized Journals – Upto June 2017
6 International HEC Recognized Journal – JCR 2016
List of Local Pakistani  Journals in Science & Engineering
7 Agriculture Discipline upto June 2016
8 Engineering and Technology upto June 2016
9 Health Sciences Journal upto June 2016
10 Natural Sciences  upto June 2016
11 Multidisciplinary Journals in Science upto June 2016
List of Local Pakistani   Journals in Social Science, Arts & Humanaties
12 Arts and Humanities upto June 2016
13 Social Science & Arts upto June 2016
14 Business Education upto June 2016
15 Multi Disciplinary in Social Science & Arts upto June 2016
16 Revised Notification of Social Sciences
17 De-Recognition of Science Journal