Mission Statement & Objectives

Mission Statement of Faculty of Shariah & law

“To make Faculty of Shariah & Law a center of learning to provide legal education with emphasis on Islamic law and to develop greater interaction and understanding between Shariah and contemporary laws”.

Objectives of Faculty of Shariah & Law:
  • To produce highly qualified graduates who are well versed both in Shariah & Law.
  • To enable the graduates of FSL to explore the original sources of knowledge through the study of Islamic Law and contemporary Laws from the original sources.
  • To provide the opportunity of comparative study of Shariah & Law and to prepare the students for active participation in the task of Islamization of laws in Pakistan.
  • To suggest suitable solutions to the problems arising out of implementation of Positive Laws through guided research at the higher level of studies.
  • To fulfill the demands of the society through specialized scholars as Judges, Lawyers, Teachers and Shariah Experts.
Salient features of IIU Faculty of Shariah & Law:
  1. Faculty of Shariah & Law, IIU is an established center of classical Islamic as well as contemporary legal education.
  2. It provides quality education in the different fields of Law, Jurisprudence, Shariah and Usul-ul-Fiqh.
  3. The Faculty is a pioneer institution which is trying to bridge the gap between Islamic Laws and Contemporary Laws.
  4. The Faculty is not only trying to trace the harmonization between Law and Shariah but it is also trying to contribute in the development of Islamic Laws in accordance with the needs of the time.
  5. The Faculty provides good academic environment in which students can pursue their studies of Law and Shariah under the supervision of well qualified, dynamic and research oriented scholars who come from various parts of the world and constitute a strong faculty like a family.
  6. Many of the teachers of this faculty are holding PhD degrees from the leading universities of the world.