Vice Presidents

  Prof. Dr. Mohammad Bashir Khan VP-Acad

Ph.D. (Philippines), M.A.(Britain), M.P.A.(USA), M.P.A.(Pakistan)
Vice President (Academics)/Professor of Management,
International Islamic University, Islamabad – PAKISTAN

Phone Office:  (+92-51) 9258074
Emails: and


Professor Mohammad Bashir Khan did his 1st master degree from Gomal University, Pakistan and joined the same university as a Lecturer immediately after his graduation. Dr. Khan took a scholarship to join the University of Leeds (U.K.) School of Business and Economics and completed his 2ndmaster  in the area of Management Studies. He was selected to join New York University; (USA) where he completed his 3rd master degree with specialization in the area of Comparative and International Administration. Dr. Khan joined Graduate School, University of Santo Tomos, Manila (Philippines) and completed his doctorate in 1996.  He had completed his PhD with distinction (94% marks) and got Mega-cum-Laude award in recognition of his outstanding performance in his PhD studies.  He topped PhD comprehensive examination in the same university and was awarded a special certificate in this regard.

Dr. Khan has a total experience of teaching/ research/administration at university level for about 36 years.  During this period of time Dr. Khan served Gomal University for about 27 years and remained Lecturer, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor there.  He also worked as a Chairman of the Department of Public Administration for about five years in the same University.  He joined International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) and established the Deptt. of Higher Studies and Research (MS/Ph.D. program) and became the founding Chairman of the same Department for about three years (2007-2009).  Later on he joined Iqra University, Islamabad Campus and remained Professor and Director, Research for two years (2010-2011).   After completing a full term of two years at Iqra University, he joined back International Islamic University, Islamabad as a Professor/Dean and elevated to the position of Vice President (Academics) in the year 2013 and continues as such.  Dr. Khan is an approved Higher Education Commission, Pakistan Ph.D. Supervisor in the area of management sciences. Dozens of MS and six Ph.D. scholars have already completed their PhD thesis under his supervision. Presently two Ph.D. Scholars are working under his supervision.

Dr. Khan also served in International Islamic University, Malaysia for three years (2001-2003), where he taught undergraduate/graduate/postgraduate students and trained the executives of Celcom, a multi-national organization in the areas of Management, Marketing and Human Resource Management.  He also served School of Social Sciences in the University Science, Malaysia Penang as a foreign faculty member for more than one year (2005-2006).  Dr. Khan has published twenty four articles in national and international journals.  He also has numerous articles accepted for presentation in various conferences in Pakistan and abroad.


  Prof. Dr. Muhammad Munir VP-AFP

Ph.D Law
Vice President (Administration, Finance, and Planning),
International Islamic University, Islamabad – PAKISTAN



Prof. Dr. Muhammad Munir, PhD is Vice President Administration, Finance, and Planning at the International Islamic University, Islamabad. He is also Director General Shari‘ah Academy, and Professor of Law at the Department of Law at the same University. He is winner of Higher Education Commission’s (Government of Pakistan) Best University Teacher Award for the year 2003 and Outstanding Research Paper Award for the year 2005-2006 and 2011. He is jurist-consult for the Federal Shariat Court in Pakistan and is requested by the Court to give his opinions on important cases. He has been Chairman Department of Law, Faculty of Sharih & Law, IIUI. He has published over 35 papers on a variety of topics most of which are available on His total downloads as of 03rd May 2017 from his SSRN author page are 22,114 and from are over 15,000. He is in the top 100 SSRN Law Authors for the past three years and his author rank by downloads out of Top 3,000 SSRN Law Authors as of 01 April 2017, is 98. His areas of interest include, the Islamic Law of War and Peace; Non-State Islamic Actors; Muslim Personal Law; Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Human Rights, Women and Children Rights. Some of his articles are: “Suicide Attacks and Islamic Law”, International Review of the Red Cross, 90 (869) (March, 2008), pp. 71-89; “The Layha for the mujahidin: an analysis of the code of conduct for the Taliban fighters under Islamic law”, The International Review of the Red Cross, vol. 93, no. 881, (March 2011); pp. 81-102; “Is Zina bil jabr a Hadd, Taz‛ir or Siyasa Offence?: A Reappraisal of the Protection of Women Act 2006 in Pakistan”, Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, vol. 14, (2008-2009), pp. 95-115; and “Precedent in Islamic Law with Special Reference to the Federal Shariat Court and the Legal System in Pakistan”, Islamic Studies, 47:4 (Winter 2008), 445-482; “Triple Talaq in One Session: An Analysis of the Opinions of Classical, Medieval and Modern Muslim Jurists under Islamic Law”, Arab Law Quarterly, vol. 27, No. 1 (2013), pp. 29-49 and “Reforms in Triple Talaq in the Personal Laws of Muslim States and the Pakistani Legal System: Continuity versus Change”, International Review of Law 2013:2. His latest book ‘Precedent in Pakistani Law’ is published by Oxford University Press and is available at;>.

57 LLM/M.S and five doctoral students have completed their doctoral dissertations in his supervision. He has presented papers in many conferences and lectured in dozens of workshops/training courses/seminars around the world. These include: Key Note Address on “The Principle of Legality in Islamic Criminal Justice System” to the participants of the conference on “Islamic Criminal Justice System” in Antalyia, Turkey on 29 May, 2015; “International Criminal Justice and International Humanitarian Law”, presentation to the participants of South Asian Teaching Session held in Islamabad 10 April, 2015 and arranged by the ICRC; NATO School/ISISC Seminar on ‘Shari‘a Law and Military Operations’ in Siracusa (Italy) from October 11-15, 2010; University of Warsaw, Poland from 15 June, 2010 to 15 July, 2010 as an ERASMUS guest professor; Polish Institute of International Affairs, Warsaw, on 29 June, 2010; Conference on Muslim Personal Law, in Durban, South Africa arranged by the Association of Muslim Lawyers and Accountants of South Africa (AMAL) from 27-31st January, 2010; Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research Harvard University and Professional in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection at the Jordanian Institute of Diplomacy, Amman, Jordan 15-16 February 2012 and Roundtable Conference on Islam and IHL in Dhaka on 8 December 2012 arranged by the ICRC and Islamic Foundation Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has done many national and international projects including: translation of three books on Islamic law and the laws of war from Arabic into Urdu for the ICRC; The World Justice Project: Rule of Law Index, 2012-2013; Realisation of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation by WaterLex; and Child Protection in Islam for ISG and International Relief Works (IRW).

  Prof Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik VP-HSR

Vice President (Higher Studies & Research),
International Islamic University, Islamabad – PAKISTAN