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Annual Calendar

Term Dates Academic Session 2017 – 2018
Term 1: August 15 to December 26, 2017 Term 2: January 3 to June 10, 2018

Calendar of Events  August 2017 –  August 2018
Date/s Month/Events
07/08/17 Schools Open for Teachers/Staff  Meeting
07-12/8/17 Teachers’ Induction &  Term Preparation
15/08/17 First Term Begins/Schools Open for Students*
24/08/17 Dhu al-Hijjah Begins
02-04/09/17 Hajj & Eid al-Adha * (Holidays**)
06/09/17 Defense Day of Pakistan 
11/09/17 Quaid-e-Azam’s Death Anniversary
22/09/17 New Islamic Year:  Muharram Begins ( 1439 AH**)
23/09/17 Orientation/Introductory Meeting with Parents 1
01/10/17-02/10/17 Ashura ** (Holidays)
05/10/17 World Teachers’ Day
20/10/2017-21/10/17 Professional Development Days (Friday off for students)
Within third week Bi-Monthly Assessment Report (Grade 3 onwards) –Distribution
22/11/17 Safar  Begins
Within first  week 1st Parent Teacher Conference
09/11/17 Yaum-e-Iqbal (Holiday)
20/11/17 Rabi‘al -Awwal  Begins
01/12/17 12 Rabi‘al-Awwal
 (Yaum  milad as well as Yaum Wafat al –Nabi) School closed
15/12/17 First Term Exams Begin (Grade 3 onwards)
20/12/2017 Rabi‘al- Thani begins
23/12/17 Exams End Grade 3 onwards/First Term Ends
25/12/17 Yaum-e-Quaid
26/12/17 to 02/01/18 Winter Vacations
31/12/2017 Teachers Return: Finalizing Results, Campus Décor and Classroom Preparation
03/01/18 Second/Final Term  Begins/ Schools Re-open for Students
06/01/18 Report Card & Portfolio Distribution (Reception – Grade 2)
06/01/18 First Term Result Announcement (Grade 3 onwards)
12/01/18 Plans for Professional Development Days
17/01/18 Plans for Annual Functions to be sent to IPD for approval
19/01/18 Jumadi al-Awwal begins
19 –20/01/18 Professional Development Days (Friday off for students)
First Week Qiraat,Naat and Calligraphy Competition (Local/Campus Based)
05/02/18 Kashmir Day (Holiday)
Third and Fourth week Schools’ Annual Events/Functions 2
18/02/18 Jumadi al -Thani begins
First two weeks School  Annual Events 2
19/03/18 Rajab begins
Second week First Bi-Monthly Assessment Report Report (Grade 3 onwards) –Distribution
Third week 2nd Parent Teacher Conference
23/03/18 Pakistan Day (Holiday)
First week Centralized Exams Meeting and Curriculum Review
Students’ performance appraisals and meeting with parents (of students with additional educational needs)
18/04/18 Sha‘ban Begins
01/05/18 Labour Day (Holiday)
First  week Reinforcement  for all Students
(Remedial Classes for Earmarked Students after School Hours)
Second Bi-Monthly Assessment (Grade 3 onwards) –Distribution
Second  week Calculation of Coursework Assessment Ratios / Preparation of Draft Reports Begin
Planned  Subject wise Revision
17/05/2018 Ramadan Begins
19/05/18 Centralized Final / Second Term Exams  Begin (Grade 3 onwards)
19/05/18 to 26/05/18 Planned activity days for students Reception to Grade 2
26/05/2018 Centralized Final / Second Term Exams  End (Grade 3 onwards) 
28/05/2018-04/06/2018 Practical & Verbal  Exams  Grade 3 onwards  
09/06/18 Report Card & Portfolio Distribution Reception, Reception 1 ,Reception 2, Grade 1 &2
09/06/18 Result Announcement Day (Grade 3 onwards)
11/06/2018 – 14/08/2018 Summer Vacations  for Students 3
14/06/2018 Staff Meeting
15/06/2018 –07/08/2018 Summer vacations for teachers
08/08/2018 Schools Re-Open for Teachers after vacations
15 /08/2018 Schools Re-Open for Students after vacations
*Subject to the Provincial/Federal government’s directives.
**Subject to the sighting of moon.
1 Tentative date: to be held during the mentioned week only.
2 School to select suitable/convenient dates to conduct Annual Function. Annual function not to be held at any other time. Programme of annual function must be coordinated and approval sought from IPD one month prior to the function.
3 Summer vacation homework to include special information/reference to holy months.
Note: Dates of Islamic months  and  related events in this Annual Calendar  are determined  as per the most reliable scientific  data which is also consulted by the Markazi Ru‘yat Hilal Committee of Pakistan. However in case of any discrepancy, IIUI Schools follow the official announcements of the said committee.