Eligibility for Admission: As per Advertisement

The PhD (English) programme is envisaged as a three (3) years course. It will be divided into the following components:
(a) One (1) year, or two semesters of 4 months duration each of Taught Courses equalling 18 credits in all;
(b) Two (2) years of Research / Thesis work, equalling 36 credits in all, for PhD Degree.

  1. ENG 8101 Advanced Research Seminars (MPhil/PhD)
  2. ENG 8102 Current Trends in Phonology: Optimality Theory
  3. ENG 8103 Current Issues in Syntactic Theory
  4. ENG 8104 Current Issues in Literary Theory
  5. ENG 8105 Narratology.
  6. ENG 8106 Novel
  7. ENG 8107 Literary Stylistics
  8. ENG 8108 Corpora in Applied Linguistics
  9. ENG 8109 Language Teaching Program Evaluation
  10. ENG 8110 Assessment in Language Learning
  11. ENG 8111 Intercultural Pragmatics


  1. In addition to course on Advanced Research Seminars which is compulsory, students have to study five courses from the above list. Each course is of 03 credit hours and will be offered with the availability of the tutor.
  2. Assessment: The courses will be assessed according to the following scheme
  3. 40 % Assignment(s) b)  10 % Presentation    c)   50 % Essay type Exam

Dissertation / Thesis Research Work
Ph.D. students will have to work over a minimum of four (4) semesters in writing an original research dissertation / thesis ranging from 40,000-100,000 words (including annexures, appendices etc) in an area of their specialization, duly approved, of total weightage of 36 credits.

The students will have to finalise a viable research proposal in collaboration with one of the appointed research advisers by the 2nd semester and submit it for consideration by the Research Committee. Thereafter, if the proposal is accepted following a detailed interview of the student by the committee, the research work may then be commenced in regular contact with the appointed adviser. Ultimately, the research will be evaluated/assessed according to the HEC criteria for the award of PhD degrees.