M.Sc Mathematics


M.Sc Mathematics is a two and half years / 5 semesters / 87 credit hours degree. Students will be required to carry out course work comprising subjects from Mathematics, computer science and University Requirements. Students will be required to develop a mathematical solution for an engineering / scientific area as project work or will study two elective courses.
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Medium of Study:
Program Level:
Program For:
Male / Female
Scheme of Study
Semester 1
Code Course   Cr. Hr
UR103 Functional Arabic I   3
MA501 Real Analysis I   3
MA502 Complex Analysis   3
MA503 Differential Geometry I   3
MA504 Algebra I   3
MA505 Ordinary Differential Equations   3
Semester 2
UR104 Functional Arabic II   3
UR109 Islamic Studies I   3
MA521 Real Analysis II   3
MA522 Linear Algebra   3
MA523 Topology I   3
MA524 Partial Differential Equations   3
Semester 3
MA601 Analytical Mechanics   3
MA602 Numerical Analysis I   3
MA603 Functional Analysis I   3
MA604 Statistics and Probability I   3
MAXXX Elective I   3
MAXXX Elective II   3
Semester 4
UR110 Islamic Studies II   3
UR113 Fiqh I   3
MAXXX Elective III   3
MAXXX Elective IV   3
MAXXX Elective V   3
MAXXX Elective VI    
Elective Courses
MA621 Stochastic Process    
MA622 Numerical Analysis-II    
MA623 Analytical Dynamics    
MA624 Electromagnetic Theory    
MA625 Quantum Mechanics    
MA626 Fluid Mechanics    
MA627 Integral Equations    
MA628 Mathematical Modeling and Simulation    
MA629 Optimization Theory    
MA630 Measure and Integration    
MA631 Algebra-II    
MA632 Algebraic Topology    
MA633 Functional Analysis-II    
MA634 Topology-II    
MA635 Differential Geometry-II    
MA636 Riemannian Geometry    
MA637 Special Relativity    
MA638 General Relativity    
MA639 Finite Element Analysis    
MA640 Cryptography and Cryptoanalysis    
MA641 Statistics and Probability-II    
MA642 Elastodynamics    
CS501 Fundamentals of Algorithms    
CS502 Programming Languages-I    
CS03 Programming Languages-II    
CS509 Theory of Automata    
CS510 Operations Research    
CS521 Data Structures and Algorithms    
CS522 Data Communications and Computer Networks