The University is trying its hard best to boost the research activities in the University. For this purpose, a Research Fund has been created by the Board of Governors under which a IIU Research Fund Supervisory Committee under the Chairmanship of the President of the University is functioning. Lot of research incentives are being initiated by the Committee to boost the research in all disciplines, the detail of which is as follows:
1. Initiation of Research Projects
In order to boost the individual research, the Committee has finalized “Research Fund Proformas” as follows:

  1. Proforma of Guidelines for writing Research Proposals (download)
  2. Proforma for Initiating the Research Proposal (download)
  3. Proforma for Completed Research Projects (download)

Any IIU teacher/research scholar intend to initiate any research proposal may download the above proforma(s) and submit its research proposal to the Secretary, IIU RFSC for further processing.

2. Incentive on Publishing of Research Article(s)
The University intends to encourage the scholars to write articles in national and international HEC approved research journals. Whenever, an article is published in any HEC approved journal having category of ‘W’’ and ‘X’, the University used to pay Rs.15,000/- and Rs.10,000/- for ‘Y’ Category in case of single author and if more than one author of an article, the amount is distributed equally (on the request of the Principal Author) and paid only to the author belonging to IIU.

In case where the article is published in ‘Z’ Category Journal (as determined by HEC), all such articles are placed before IIU RFSC to finalize the payment of remuneration to the author(s).

In all above cases, copy of the printed article(s) with list of HEC approved journals and a certificate that such article is not the part of thesis and no remuneration has been received by the scholar against the publishing of said article from any other source, (including from Research Fund previously) be submitted to Secretary, IIU RFSC for further processing.

3. Writing of Books and Monographs
In order to boost the research in different disciplines and in order to encourage the teachers/scholars to write books/monographs, the IIU RFSC has approved that in case book having pages more than 250 has been written by a scholar on a research topic, an amount up to Rs.100,000/- is being paid as incentive and in case of writing of Monograph (less than 250 pages but not less than 75 pages), an amount up to Rs.50,000/- is being paid to the scholar. The Committee considers only one book/monograph of the researcher in a calendar year.

All such books and monographs are to be sent to Secretary, IIU RFSC. After receipt of book/monograph, the Dean of the concerned faculty is requested by the Secretary, IIU RFSC to nominate five experts in the field for evaluation of the concerned book/monograph. These names are sent to a Sub-Committee for analyzing. After analyzing these names, the Sub-Committee recommends two names for evaluation of book/monograph to the President, IIU for approval. After approval of the President, IIU, book/monograph are sent to them for evaluation. After receipt of evaluation report by two experts in each case, all cases are submitted in a meeting of IIU RFSC for its consideration and final decision on the basis of evaluation.